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Senior Principal Trainer 


Workplace Conflict Resolution

  • Necessary Knowledge:  The Core Competencies of conflict resolution & how to think strategically about conflict, rather than react blindly to it.  Coupled with:

  • Successful Workplace Conflict Conversations:  Teaches individuals to engage in difficult conversations--step by step.   OR

  • Third-Party Resolution:  Teaches leaders and HR professionals to facilitate conflict discussions between others.

Step Up to Conflict®

Participants will:

  • Recognize and Understand their own conflict "triggers

  • Understand how different values may contribute to conflict

  • Practice active and passive positive responses to conflict in their workplace

  • Apply the strategies to a workplace conflict situation


Power Hours

Skills Building Power Hours based on original content!  As an ombudsman, I've learned a thing or two!  I am the co-author of/ready to speak on:

  •  H.E.R.E. Are the Steps You Need to Take to Have a Transformational, Conflict-Positive, Conversation

  • S.O.R.T.E.D.: A Model to Move from Complexity to Clarity in Conflict Discussions

LEVEL UP!  Advanced Conflict & Mediation Skill Building for Conflict Professionals

When someone in conflict seeks out a conflict resolution professional, it's a significant step forward.  You are a valuable resource to that person, and this is an important opportunity.  Like you, I stay committed to developing my skills, and I'm excited to share practical tips from my extensive experience as an HR professional, mediator, and ombudsman (conflict coach).

I host customized workshops designed for proactive HR and ADR (alternative dispute resolution) professionals like yourself.   My workshops will help you build a stronger foundation in conflict resolution and mediation techniques, drawing from many years of hands-on experience.

This is an excellent opportunity to invest in your professional growth and gain valuable insights from an experience practitioner.  I look forward to working with you to elevate your conflict resolution capabilities.


Ready to take your skills to the next level?   Reach out to me, and let's work together to design a fantastic professional development opportunity tailored just for you!

Kim Faircloth, PhD


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