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My Story

Kim Faircloth, PhD, ICF-ACC, SHRM-SCP, SPHR has twenty-five plus years of leadership development, executive coaching, management, and professional human resources experience.  Service as an Ombudsman, Mediator, Workforce Strategies Consultant, Trainer, and Director of both Human Resources and Education & Training Departments give her a very practical perspective on integrating conflict management initiatives into employee engagement programs.  Dr. Faircloth’s degrees are in Human Resources Management and Organizational Leadership, her dissertation was on the topic of mediation, and she has coached thousands of employees on addressing interpersonal conflict while promoting productive conflict skills necessary for innovation.  She is formally trained by the Atlanta Justice Center in facilitative and domestic relations mediation, most recently served an Ombudsman in a Dispute Resolution and Grievance office within the DoD, is a Master Trainer for Mediation Training Institute, and is a Registered Neutral for the State of Georgia Court Systems.  She is Owner of Integrated Conflict Solutions, LLC.

Dr. Faircloth's Professional Creative Partner & Co-Author is Dawn Bedlivy, Esq.


Out beyond the ideas of right doing and wrong doing there is a field.  I'll meet you there. (Rumi)

My Logo - The Palm Tree

In a storm (even hurricanes), the palm tree is flexible.   It can bend and sway rather than snap, and its leaves fold inward from the middle to protect itself.   As the storm passes, it reemerges quickly--its leaves expand and form a beautiful, full canopy at the top soaking in the sun.  The mighty palm can help us remember that we can weather the storm too.

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