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Workplace and Relationship Mediator for over 10 years.  Registered Neutral for the State of Georgia in Civil and Domestic Relations.


Pro Se Mediation

Pro Se mediation is a mediation event without attorneys.  I will serve as a neutral, nonlegal third party to facilitate a dialog.  The mediation event is informal, nonlegal, and great for couples contemplating divorce and only need a few issues resolved prior to meeting with a lawyer or filing in court.


Relationship Mediation

Are you one step away from a relationship break-up or marriage divorce, but still in the mindset there may be a way back?  If this is you, partnership mediation with a neutral third party dialog facilitator is a great tool (setting) to open up a rich dialog.  I'd be happy to help.


Mediation Training

If you are looking to learn mediation skills or if you are a professional looking to up skill your skills, I invite you to visit my training section for opportunties!

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